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Associate Consultants

In order to broaden its experts resource base and in line with changing development landscape, ALIN wishes to engage with like-minded individuals and institutions to execute its mission through effective collaboration and partnerships
In this regard, ALIN has opened an opportunity for a category of individuals and institutions internally known as “Associates”. ALIN Associates are individuals and institutions who are not employees of ALIN but are willing and readily available to support the development of projects and respond to call for proposals, bids and consultancies.

Terms for Collaboration

The Associates may also collaborate with ALIN to implement donor funded projects, consultancies and any other assignment that is of benefit to the organization under the following conditions;

  • That the Associates will sign project specific contracts and NDAs with ALIN before engagement to any assignment or project;
  • That the Associate Consultants are not employees of ALIN, and therefore, are not eligible for any benefits or allowances accruing to ALIN staff. Their terms of engagement are as stipulated in the running contract signed;
  • The key deliverables for each assignment are issued in advance of the assignment and agreed in writing;
  • The assignment durations are outlined in Terms of Reference issued relating to specific opportunities;
  • Associates conduct themselves as professionals and with ALIN Brand Identity and Image expectations, which shall be made known from time to time in the engagement process;
  • The Associate Consultants are required to observe the highest standard of ethics during the execution of their services and shall remain faithful to the pronunciations of the NDA; and
  • That this collaboration agreement does not entail payment of any monies unless the same is clearly stated in the project specific agreement. Any payments made, save for the project specific payments, are deemed to be binding to ALIN and therefore an obligation.

The collaboration are for a period of up to 2 years (or as otherwise stated) and may be renewed under mutual agreement between the parties through a written agreement. A detailed contract of engagement and NDA is signed in addition to this collaboration agreement.

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