Focal Groups

A focal group is composed of ALIN members who are geographically close to each other. For example if there are 5 to 10 members in an area say Marigat, then the members can be mobilised to meet and know each other, learn more about their work and initiate some joint activities. The main idea of forming focal groups is to improve contacts among network members and encourage them to generate and share local development information and experiences.

Why form a focal group?

Reasons for forming a focal group include:

  • To encourage and stimulate local level networking and actions among members
  • To have a coordinated group of members who can then plan and execute joint activities
  • For easy communications among members themselves and the secretariat.
  • To enable the network implement special networking activities and projects
  • To enable members easily access development information and also exposure to other networking opportunities.

A Focal Group is ran by a steering committee which is selected from within the membership to enhance co-ordination of group activities. It is usually comprised of around seven members who include the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and a few co-opted members.