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What we do
Climate Change

ALIN recognizes that climate change is happening and will increasingly affect the poor and therefore works with other partners to improve access to good quality information and knowledge on climate change adaptation practices using publications and web 2.0 tools. Joto Afrika is a series of printed briefings and online resources that communicates information about climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa. It features summaries of African research, community case studies and other relevant information, all presented in a clear and accessible style. The series is produced in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Sussex, UK and Afrika Adapt.

Activities on Climate Change Adaptation
Climate change is already devastating poor peoples’ lives on an increasing scale in Africa. The recent prolonged drought in the Eastern Africa region had a big impact to vulnerable communities hence the negative effects like livestock deaths, migration by wildlife and deaths, famine and insufficient water for both livestock and human.

In the year 2009, ALIN implemented the project ‘Knowledge Sharing for climate Change Adaptation’ supported by the Royal Embassy of Denmark. The project activities targeted communities around the two maarifa centres of Kyuso and Mutomo in Eastern Kenya. The project aimed to facilitate communities’ awareness and responses to climate change   empowering communities to address 2 complex questions:

•    What is climate change and what does it mean for us?
•    How do we cope and adapt to climate change?

Key project activities included:

  1. Conducting community climate change awareness meetings at Mutomo and Kyuso.
  2. Producing documentaries on climate change adaptation.
  3. Publishing and disseminating articles on climate change adaptation.
  4. Equipping the Kyuso and Mutomo Maarifa centres with fabricated containers making them climate change exchange points for communities.
  5. Engaging and training youth volunteers and knowledge facilitators at Kyuso and Mutomo.
  6. Participation at climate change forums.
  7. Participation at COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  8. Conveying strategy meeting for ALIN stakeholders on climate change.

(To read more about the project. .... Links to CCA Kitui workshop report, meetings, documentaries, posters and pictures – T-shirts, Kikoys etc.)

ALIN at Cop 15
The COP 15 conference was held at Copenhagen, in Denmark starting from 8th to 17th December 2009. The COP 15 objectives were for the world leaders to negotiate on reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. Two ALIN staffs participated at this global conference through a partnership with Practical Action.  During the conference ALIN’s participation included an exhibition of climate change materials such as T-shirts with climate change messages, posters, kikoys, Joto Afrika newsletters and short films from Mutomo and Naivasha shown.