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Sustainability of Maarifa Centres

The sustainability of the Maarifa centres is vital. Fund raising for support of Maarifa centre operations is therefore important.

Focal group members around Maarifa centres have steering committees that have initiated sustainable mechanism of income generation activities for the centres sustainability with the support from ALIN.
Key among Income generating activities include:

Money Transfer & Transaction Services
The Maarifa centres provide M‐PESA agency services to community members on a commission basis. M-PESA is an innovative mobile transfer solution by Safaricom Limited, a leading GSM service provider that enables customers to transfer money. It is a low cost service that enables users to send and receive money through their mobile phones. Revenue earned from the services is used to support access to communities.

ALIN promotes FREE ACCESS to computer skills, internet and knowledge in all Maarifa centres in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.