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Farm Records Management Information System – Kenya (FARMIS - Kenya) is a farm management and diagnostic tool based on the use of farm records. It was developed for use by diverse stakeholders in the agriculture sector, aimed at identifying productivity trends, profitability of different farm enterprises and producing evidence for use in decision making at the farm, county and national levels.

FARMIS has been tailored so as to give the farmer the following benefits:

  • Enhancing informed decision making

  • Easing accountability and burden of proof when dealing with service institutions

  • Calculating profit and loss in the farm

  • Providing 24-hour online platform access

  • Markets linkages

  • Online interactive reports

  • Farming activity calendar

  • Season crop card provided for reference

Information Captured by FARMIS

  • Farm input records

  • Records of crop yields

  • Labor costs

  • Production, transaction and market information

  • Farm management system

  • Harvesting, post harvesting and sales data

  • GPS Location

Access your farm records from anywhere any time in internet on mobile phone

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\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" 3rd Floor, AAYMCA Building, State House Crescent

off State House Avenue| PO Box 10098 - 00100 Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 (20) 2629762| E-mail: info@sokopepe.co.ke


SOKOPEPE operates FARMIS Kenya under license from FIT Uganda limited