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SOKO+ is a digital commodity trading and information system, linking small scale farmers to end retailers/bulk purchasers of produce. It provides commodity prices from major markets around the areas of operation and beyond, e-extension services and a listing of various technical and logistical support providers.

SOKO+ is designed to address transactions and extension needs along the entire value chain - from farm inputs to the buyer of the final products - thus enhancing the space of the farmer, by-passing the numerous brokers between the farmer and end consumer. The net effect is that farmers can reduce their transaction costs, and through commodity aggregation they can have more power for negotiation for better prices, bulk discounting of inputs and further reach into desirable markets.

SOKO+ Services

  • Commodities prices

  • Farm inputs

  • Service providers

  • Farming and livestock tips

  • Secure mobile payment solutions

  • A rich knowledge base that provides reference information in agriculture

The SOKO+ service aims to take advantage of the very numbers of Kenyans who own at least a basis mobile phone (82% by 2013). The service is available through the SMS Short Code 20245.

To Register to SOKO+

Send an SMS to 20245 by dialing: REG#IDNumber#FirstName#LastName#County

Wait for confirmation message to activate your account

To Check the price of a commodity

Send an SMS to 20245 by dialing: Price#Commodity#Town

Example: Price#Maize#Nakuru

To get farming and livestock tips

Send SMS to 20245: Tip#ProductName

Example: Tip#maize

Through the computer or internet linked mobile device go to: www.sokopepe.co.ke, Click on SOKO+ platform then ‘Register’ and follow the prompts.

For more information Contact:

\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"3rd Floor, AAYMCA Building, State House Crescent

off State House Avenue| PO Box 10098 - 00100 Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 (20) 2629762| E-mail: info@sokopepe.co.kewww.sokopepe.co.ke

SOKOPEPE operates FARMIS Kenya under license from FIT Uganda limited