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Sokopepe Limited

Sokopepe Limited is a social enterprise company that started on February 2014. It provides two main services mainly to small scale farmers in Kenya. The first is known as Farm Records Management Information System - Kenya (FARMIS – Kenya) – www.farmis.co.ke and the second is (SOKO+) www.sokoplus.sokopepe.co.ke


FARMIS Kenya is a farm management and diagnostic tool based on the use of farm records aimed at identifying productivity trends, profitability of different farm enterprises and producing evidence for use in decision making at the farm, County and National levels. FARMIS Kenya enables farmers to:

  • Generate on-demand customized reports on the status of their enterprises

  • Produce seasonal profit and loss statements

  • Project the income potential of their farming enterprises

  • Access input and other service providers

  • Develop a farm activity calendar

  • Link with peer farmers for aggregating produce to sell in bulk


SOKO+ is a digital commodity trading and information system, linking small scale farmers to end retailers/bulk purchasers of produce. SOKO+ is designed to address transactions and extension needs along the entire value chain - from farm inputs to the buyer of the final products - thus enhancing the space of the farmer, by-passing the numerous brokers between the farmer and end consumer.

The net effect is that farmers can reduce their transaction costs, and through commodity aggregation they can have more power for negotiation for better prices, bulk discounting of inputs and further reach into desirable markets. It offers the following services:

  • Real time market information about agricultural commodities

  • Tips on agriculture and livestock keeping

  • Bulk SMS alerts on agriculture including weather and climate events

  • A comprehensive knowledge base in major crops and animals including suitable varieties for different agro-ecological zones; diseases, pests and post-harvest handling advise

  • News and testimonies from satisfied users of the system

For more information contact Sokopepe Limted through:

3rd Floor, AAYMCA Building, State House Crescent
off State House Road
P. O. Box 10098 00100, NAIROBI, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 2427693
E-mail: info@sokopepe.co.ke
Website: www.sokopepe.co.ke