Joto Afrika

Joto Afrika – a bilingual briefing series on climate change adaptation in Africa

Joto Afrika, meaning ‘Africa is feeling the heat’ in Swahili, is an English/French briefing series on climate adaptation which draws lessons, experiences and practical information from across sub-Saharan Africa.

Joto Afrika was conceptualised, developed and produced by the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), Kenya, in partnership with IDS Knowledge Services and the AfricaAdapt Network.

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Issue 5: Implications of climate change for health in AfricaIssue 5 of “Joto Afrika” features articles from different countries which highlight the impacts of climate change on health across Africa. Climate change affect human health both directly, by encouraging the production of disease vectors and parasites such as those causing malaria, than indirectly (impacts on water availability, air quality, food quality and quantity, ecosystems, agriculture and economies).January 28, 2011
Disaster risk and climate change in Africa Issue 3This issue addresses disaster risk and climate change through a series of case studies and research summaries focusing on increasing ‘natural’ disasters, such as droughts and floods, as well as on people’s vulnerability to already existing hazards in developing countries. It is aimed at helping people understand the issues, constraints and opportunities that poor people face in adapting to climate change and escaping poverty.April 28, 2010400 KB