What we do

Strategic Focus

Climate Resilience

ALIN promotes climate change adaptation practices and clean energy solutions that enhance the long-term resilience of communities…

Agricultural Production

ALINs goal is to support agricultural production by small-scale farmers to enable them to generate and share knowledge that enhances food security…

Digital Transformation

ALIN will focus on driving rural digital transformation and innovation through increasing access and use of digital tools, skills and solutions…

Our Impact

Success Stories

Jan 31 2024

A Story of Sipili digitizing their resources

By Jael Colleen Sipili is a lively town located in Olmoran Ward and surrounded by the...
Jan 31 2024

Connecting Sipili: How ALINet Community Network is Bridging Inequality in technology access.

By Lucy Ngandu As technological advancements rapidly increase, the digital divide is...
Aug 31 2023

Harvesting Hope: The Solar-Powered Transformation of the Olkiloriti women group

In the heart of the arid lands of Kajiado County, Kenya, the pastoralist community of...

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Our Work in Action


Our Partners

Since its inception ALIN has worked with various donors and partner institutions to further its work. We are grateful to the following institutions that have left a positive mark in our institution and the communities we work with.