ALIN will be hosting the SmartAgiExchange program that will bring key stakeholder in the Agriculture Sector to share best practices and foster collaboration. The forum will seek to develop innovative solutions for sustainable Agriculture.

Many residents of Kilifi county do not have enough knowledge about climate issues. This was revealed after the completion of a workshop that brought together stakeholders, activists and community organizations associated with environmental issues in Kilifi.
As the effects of climate change continue to be witnessed around the world, efforts to deal with those effects continue to be made in different ways.

Currently, it has been found that many residents of Kilifi county do not have sufficient knowledge about the issue of climate, this was revealed during a workshop that brought together various stakeholders to discuss climate issues in Kilifi on August 31, 2023.

It may be that various parts of the coastal zone have been affected by climate change, including infectious diseases. This was evident in the conference on health and climate change held on August 30, 2023.

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Journalists drawn from various media houses in Kajiado County have benefitted from a two-day training on climate change reporting and climate smart agriculture organised by the Kajiado County Media Association (KCMA) in conjunction with Arid Lands Information Networks (ALIN) sensitised the journalists on climate change impacts and mitigation measures.

According to James Nguo, Regional Director of ALIN, climate change has resulted in adverse effects on society, and journalists have a big role to play in sensitising and educating the public on how to conserve the environment so as to mitigate its effects.

Addressing the scribes during the training, Nguo said Kajiado is among the most affected counties by climate change.

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Journalists from Kajiado county have had the opportunity to be educated on how to broadcast news related to climate change with the aim of motivating them on how to educate the public to adapt to climate change.

Olkiloriti women group in Ildamat, Kajiado Central is a happy lot after harvesting onions grown using the solar-powered drip irrigation system.

Though the area is semi-arid and the residents mostly practice rearing cattle which has since been greatly affected by climate change, the residents are now shifting to climate-smart agriculture with support from the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) financed by the German International Cooperation.

According to ALIN’s Director, James Nguo, climate-smart agriculture has the potential to feed a rapidly growing population even when there is climate change.

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Small-scale farmers in Kajiado are increasingly fighting climate change using today's agricultural innovations. In particular, the solar-powered irrigation system is slowly gaining popularity as pastoralists hard hit by drought conditions shift to crop farming.

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