The Enhancing Communities’ Participation for effective Natural Resources management

The Enhancing Communities’ Participation for effective Natural Resources Management and Enhanced Resilience in Laikipia County Project (2014-2015), funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), will provide a platform for knowledge sharing between partners supported by UNDP under its Small Grants Programme, being implemented in Laikipia County. ALIN-UNDP partnership is grounded on ALIN’s extensive experience in knowledge management and work with Laikipia communities over the last seven years.

Project Goal: To create an effective knowledge-sharing platform to build communities’ capacity for effective stewardship of natural resources and enhanced resilience in Laikipia County. Specific objectives
  • To facilitate consistent knowledge sharing about sustainable landscape management (SLM)
  • To disseminate Project information out of Ng’arua Maarifa Centre
  • To promote the adoption of clean energy use to enhance biodiversity conservation and adaptation as well as mitigation against climate change
  • To capture and document indigenous knowledge relevant to sustainable natural resources use and management for posterity.
Planned outcomes
  • Better informed community members capable of adapting good SLM practices
  • Preservation of biodiversity in Laikipia County
  • Improved livelihoods of communities
  • Improved communication and knowledge sharing
  • Enhanced online visibility of UNDP GEF SGP Project
  • Improved accessibility of indigenous knowledge for enhancing communities’ resilience
Expected outputs
  • A revamped Ng’arua Maarifa centre into a community SLM knowledge focal point
  • An active group of trained community journalists
  • Quarterly newsletter in SLM available throughout Laikipia and online
  • Demonstration area for tubular biogas digesters and other clean energy alternatives established at Ng’arua Maarifa centre
  • Establishing an information repository at Ng’arua Maarifa Centre and meetings space
  • Disseminating Project information through a variety of channels including blogs, a quarterly newsletter and mainstream media
  • Regular field forums revolving around global environment events
  • Regular communication with all the partners in UNDP-GEF-SGP Project in Laikipia